Workshop: TV series

Lessons from TV series

When Ygritte uttered the words ‘you know nothing, Jon Snow’ one of the most famous quotes in TV history was born. In this workshop, I’m going to use lessons learned in my years of experience teaching and illustrate them using famous TV series quotes.

Would you like to know how the lessons from TV shows like Friends (Seven! We were on a break! Joey doesn’t share food!), House (Everybody lies), How I met Your Mother (Legen- wait for it – dary!), Seinfeld (Yadda-Yadda, Yadda), The Good Place (Son of a bench!), The X-files (The truth is out there), and many others are connected to classroom teaching? If so, see you on July 4.

This workshop will address things such as:

  • Pronunciation mistakes you might be making
  • Using TV series in tour lessons
  • Checking understanding
  • Real-life practice activities
  • Catering for students preferences
  • Pair work, group work and adding variety to your lessons
  • All this and more!

When? July 4, 2020, from 9.00 to 17.00 (including a one hour lunch break)

Where? Online via Zoom

Investment? R$ 250 (get in touch if you’d rather pay via bank transfer)


Lessons from TV series

This is an online workshop delivered by Ricardo Barros via Zoom



Ricardo Barros is a CELTA tutor, Delta module 2 local tutor and freelance teacher trainer based in Jundiaí. He has taught English since 2003, working as a teacher, mentor, academic coordinator, and Cambridge speaking examiner. He holds the Delta, CELTA, CPE and a BA in History from Unicamp. His Delta Module 3 Specialism focused on Teaching Exam Classes. He is also interested in Phonology and Language Development for Teachers. Ricardo was an advisory council member for BRAZ-TESOL in 2017/2018.


Certificates will be issued for all course participants.