DELTA Module 2 – Listening

Last week I had a post about my lexis LSA in Delta module 2. Since I believe that was a successful post and it got some good feedback, I decided to write about another LSA that I enjoyed doing.

During module two, each candidate has two choose two skills and two systems to write about in a background essay and to give a lesson that is either observed by a tutor or the external assessor. I chose, in order, grammar, listening, speaking and lexis. I started with grammar as I thought that would be the easiest thing to work with and finished with lexis as I think that is my strong suit.

That left me with two skill assignments for LSAs 2 and 3. I chose to work with FCE listening tasks and used the same B2+ group from LSA4. I received a distinction for the BE and a merit for the lesson, which is explained below.

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DELTA Module 2 – Lexis

Delta module 2 was both my favourite and least favourite module to take. On the one hand, I loved being observed and receiving feedback on my lessons. On the other hand, it was the longest module and the weekend after weekend of reading and writing took its toll on me.

Out of the five lessons I taught during module 2 (1 diagnostic lesson plus 4 LSAs), I think the best was LSA4, which is externally assessed. I chose to work with lexis, as it is the topic I feel most comfortable with. We don’t receive specific marks for LSA4, but overall I got a Merit for Module 2. Below you can find the lesson I taught and the rationale behind it. Continue reading