Netflix and online piracy – a conversation lesson

Last year I read Australian newspapers quite often as I was preparing a student to go on a 6-month exchange to Melbourne. I have actually already posted one of the lessons I prepared for him, about Vegemite.

Another lesson was about Netflix in Australia and how it can be compared to what we have in Brazil. I have recently used this lesson again, in light of internet providers trying to limit the amount of data broadband connections can use. This lesson can be used with both adults and adolescents and my students have enjoyed it so far.

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Vegemite, are you doing it right?

A big part of teaching English is, in my opinion, teaching students about the culture that comes with it. I love travelling to English speaking countries and seeing how similar or different they are. That includes language, definitely, but also customs and food.

I went to Australia a few years back and was faced with the task of trying the contents of this seemingly harmless jar.

I can’t say I liked it. Like most foreigners, though, I probably just did it wrong. Continue reading