Online: Error Correction

This is a 3-hour workshop aimed at teachers who would like to incorporate new error correction and feedback techniques in their lessons. If you are unsure of which techniques to use or think your error correction could be more effective, this course is for you.

We are going to cover topics such as:

What does research say about the effectiveness of certain error correction techniques?
What can I do in my lessons to increase the chances students will remember the correction?
How are error correction and feedback different?

And much more!

When? Saturday, March, 13, 2021

Time? From 9.00 to 12.00

Where? Online. This workshop will be delivered via Zoom.

Investment: R$ 165


Error Correction and Feedback

This is an online workshop delivered by Ricardo Barros


Send an email to ricbarros at gmail dot com if you’d like to pay via Pix, boleto or bank transfer.


Ricardo Barros is a CELTA tutor, Delta module 1 tutor and freelance teacher trainer based in Jundiaí. He has taught English since 2003, working as a teacher, mentor, academic coordinator, and Cambridge speaking examiner. He holds the Delta, CELTA, CPE and a BA in History from Unicamp. His Delta Module 3 Specialism focused on Teaching Exam Classes. He is also interested in Phonology and Language Development for Teachers. Ricardo was an advisory council member for BRAZ-TESOL in 2017/2018.


Certificates will be issued for all course participants.