Are you interested in hiring me for teacher training courses, workshops or one-to-one tuition?

I am based in Jundiaí-SP, Brazil, but I offer a variety of tailor-made online sessions, as well as teacher training courses anywhere in Brazil.

Among others, I have experience with:

  • Exam preparation for teachers (CAE, CPE, IELTS or TOEFL);
  • Phonology and pronunciation for teachers;
  • Methodology for teachers;
  • Lesson preparation, observation and feedback;
  • Preparation for the CELTA;
  • Preparation for the modular DELTA.

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This is what teachers have said about my work:


“Ricardo’s tuition and support have played a major role in my preparation for both the CAE and the CPE exams. Not only did he provide rich and accurate content language-wise, he was also to the point when it came to exams’ formats and strategy.

Besides his proficiency, it was just priceless to find him an English enthusiast who kept me motivated through the whole process. It is also worth mentioning his thorough and one-of-a-kind feedback on each of my writing tasks. Highly recommended”!

Isabella Ferraro – Jundiaí, Brazil.


“Sitting for the CPE had always been a rather scary thought, after all, it’s not exactly something you do for fun! I wholeheartedly believe that Ricardo’s help was crucial for achieving success, he didn’t just help me with the test itself but he also encouraged and supported me throughout the preparation process”.

Patricia Andrucioli – Jundiaí, Brazil



“I’m honored to convey my wholehearted recommendation to Ricardo Barros as a teacher trainer and in exam preparation. During the month of October, his outstanding professional help and methodology helped me succeed in my last phonology and phonetics test and I obtained my Oxford TESOL certificate.

Ricardo’s approach besides being professional is very enthusiastic and I really appreciated his responsibility and his presence from the beginning. Words will never be enough to express him my gratitude.”

Rossana Ramirez Vera – Paris, France


Modular DELTA preparation

“What I most admire about Ricardo, apart from all the knowledge and experience he has – without bragging about it – is how generous and caring he is. Ricardo helped me with my DELTA Module 3 assignment, in one of those moments of writer’s block, and that made all the difference”.

Carina Alves – São Paulo, Brazil


“Besides being a dear friend, Ricardo has also been a mentor, career-wise.He has always motivated me to be a better professional, not only by helping me but also by acting as a reflection of what he believes. He trained me for my Cambridge CPE exam in 2012 and, concurrently, provoked me to start thinking about doing the Cambridge DELTA with him.

He has been helping me with my Module 3 papers, which can be daunting at times.If you are considering doing any Cambridge courses (CELTA, DELTA) or even proficiency exams, I thoroughly recommend his work. He is passionate, dedicated and very serious about learning”.

Beatriz Solino – Jundiaí, Brazil



“I had the pleasure of having Ricardo as my CELTA tutor and I’m absolutely sure I was able to handle it better thanks to his total support and amazing tips. I’ve learned a lot from him and I was lucky enough to pick his brain as much as possible”.

Virginia Schimidt – São Paulo, Brazil.


“I really enjoyed learning with Ricardo on the CELTA course. He was very patient, organised and committed to our learning. The classroom always had a good atmosphere, friendly and full of useful, considered information. I highly recommend him as a tutor”.

Lowri Evans – England.


“I was very fortunate to have Ricardo as one of my Celta tutors this past July. His input sessions were clear examples of what to do and helped me a lot when preparing my own classes. His feedback was precise and his observations encouraged me to become a better teacher.  He was also very fast when correcting our work, which in the intensive Celta felt like a small miracle”!

Fernanda Zadonai – Cuiabá, Brazil


“In the demanding and challenging environment of the intensive CELTA course, I came to value Ricardo highly as a tutor, especially in our feedback sessions. I found Ricardo to be insightful, approachable, and positive, and I believe part of my success and enjoyment in this course was due to Ricardo’s extensive knowledge and guidance”.

Leyton James Tierney – Australia


“I was lucky to have Ricardo as my tutor during the CELTA course. Before attending it, I had already been in touch with his blog.
I admire how dedicated he is to his job and the knowledge he has. His sharing lots of ideas and lessons with people all over is something very kind of his.
He makes us think of our teaching in different ways and motivates us even after we finish the course. I’m very grateful for the moments we’ve spent together.  I wish you success in your plans! I’m a fan”!

Michelle Daniel – Spain


“Ricardo Barros is a great mentor/tutor/teacher for us ‘young’ professionals (25-40-year-old teachers) due to his modern and dynamic approach to teaching. When I decided to take on the challenge of CELTA, earlier this year, I had been teaching for more than 15 years, and yet, being his and Bjarne Vonsild’s Celtee was one of the best learning experiences of my life. I’ve learned amazing and practical activities, ideas and thoughts on learners’ performance and motivation. It has changed the way I see teaching and the way I teach. I highly recommend an experience as Ricardo’s learner”.

Fernanda Bem – São Paulo, Brazil


“Ricardo is, by far, one of the most enthusiastic and kind teacher trianers I have ever seen. Also, the way he fosters curiosity about ELT in his students is brilliant!”

Victor Fiorotti – São Paulo, Brazil



“Because of the IELTS preparation, I was able to understand how the certificate works, the aim of each part of the test and also how to improve my weak points of grammar.

The simulations of the oral speak part of the test were great to understand what the interviewer expect from me, as well as the comments about my writings that allowed me to be more objective and accurate with different subjects.

I highly recommend the preparation for those who seek this important certificate that is used by universities and companies worldwide”.

Lucas Novaes – Paris, France


“The coaching experience I had with Ricardo was definitively the turning point that made me get the grade I was aiming for in IELTS. Custom classes for each step based on my own performance, attention and experience were what gave me the confidence to take the exam”.

Gabriel Garcia – Jundiaí, Brazil