A Halloween conversation lesson for adults

It’s that time of the year again. If you are into Halloween there are a plethora of materials out there. For starters, you may want to check out the vocabulary lessons I posted last year. In addition to that, check out Eduardo de Freitas’ materials. He has Halloween lessons for all levels with great handouts. Finally, if you are looking for a reading Halloween lesson for advanced students give Beatriz Solino’s blog a go.

As for my lesson today, I feel like adults are often ignored during Halloween, as teachers are worried about activities for children and pre-teens. With this in mind, this is a conversation lesson to be used with adults or young adults – better to be safe and do it with students who are over 18, as the topic of the text may be sensitive.


The steps below are based on a PowerPoint presentation you can download here from dropbox and here from Google Drive.

[Slide 1]

Show students the picture and elicit some words related to it (things like ‘Halloween’ trick or treating, costumes, party, etc.). Board these words and save them for later.

[Slide 2]

In small groups, ask students to discuss the questions about Halloween. After a few minutes, collect some feedback from the whole group.

[Slide 3]

Show gist task and refer back to the ideas about the picture in slide 1. Play video once and let students compare answers. After that check with the whole group.

[Slide 4]

Show specific information questions. Let students read them before playing the video again. Again, let students compare answers and then check answers.

As a follow-up, ask students if it’s better to be a child or an adult during Halloween.

[Slide 5]

Show students only the name of the newspaper. Say they are going to read a text about adult Halloween. Go back to the words brainstormed in slide one and ask students if they think the same words might appear in the text and if they would like to include any others.

Tell students to read the text quickly and see if their ideas are included in the text. Depending on the level of your students you may want to pre-teach ‘to hookup’ as that word appears throughout the text.

You can download the text here: halloween-new-york-post

After checking which words are in the text, show students the specific information questions and let students read the text again. Give them a chance to compare answers and then check with the whole group.

[Slide 6]

Show the follow-up questions for students to discuss in trios or small groups.

[Slide 7]

Go over the pronunciation of the words in bold, focusing on features of connected speech, then get students to match the vocabulary items to their meaning, using the glossary from the article. Ask CCQs to double check if students know what expressions mean.

[Slide 8]

In pairs, students answer conversation questions. Feel free to change the questions so that they are more suitable for your students.


Thanks for reading.


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