Game Templates for ActivInspire Software

Since about 2007 I have worked with interactive whiteboards from a British company called Promethean. These whiteboards use a software called ActivStudio, which you can download here.

I often use this software, rather than PowerPoint, because it allows students to interact more with things by clicking on objects or dragging things across the board. It lends itself really well for games and competitions among students.

In this post, I’d like to share three game templates I use with my students when I want to revise the language they have worked with during the semester.

The idea behind all of these is that students enjoy competitions and that these make for a more memorable experience than a tasksheet with the same questions. I don’t overuse them, however, as students can get tired of always doing the same things. On average, I use one or two of these per semester, often in the weeks leading to an exam.

You can download the files here and use them with your students. In the videos below, you’ll find short explanations of how the games work.

1. Around the World


2. Jeopardy


3. Take it to the bank


Some tips

  • In my experience, the ideal number of players per team is three. However, we often work with large classes so groups may need to be larger. In order not to have a strong student dominate the group or have students who don’t participate, you can make it a rule that every round a different member of the group must answer the question.
  • It’s a good idea to set a time limit for each question, otherwise the game will drag on for too long. I usually give students between 60-90 seconds, but the time may increase a little depending on how difficult the answers are or whether students have to write long sentences.
  • If you want to avoid groups misbehaving while it’s not their turn, you can ask them to write down the answers to everybody’s questions even if it’s not their turn. If the group that is answering the question gets it wrong, check the answers from the other groups and award them the points if they got it right. Don’t give them any points if the answers are not written down, though.
  • Alternatively, you can make it a rule that every group answers every question. That works better with “Around the World” or “Take it to the Bank”. If a group chooses a question that is worth points, everybody answers by writing things down on a piece of paper. If, on the other hand, a team chooses a question where the airport is closed or where there is a bomb, only that team loses the points.


Thanks for reading

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